Market Philosophy

The successful sale or leasing of a property is best achieved through a number of different efforts and systems that NAI Keystone have in place. First and foremost is our agent’s ability to understand the Highest & Best Use of the subject property and then identify and specifically target / sell the end user. These end users will be the person(s) or entities that can enjoy the greatest benefit from owning or leasing the property. This means different things to different users. To an investor the cash-on-cash return, Internal Rate of Return or CAP Rate along with the overall quality may be most important. It may mean the location and proximity to a large customer, along with clear height warehouse space to a logistics company or quality, image and layout of an Office Building to another. Our agents will evaluate and tailor marketing plans that take both the “rifle shot” and “shotgun” approach to finding customers.

Identifying the best and most efficient way of “Finding” customers is the first part of the equation. Being “Found” is the second. Signs, advertising, community involvement, networking, web sites, subscription listing services, interfacing with a myriad of economic development and financing organizations are but a part of our daily routine. Once the customer is found “closing” that customer is paramount. Finding and Closing customers are the most important part of the business and it is what we do best. Past customer referral and personal referral have always been a strong part of our business. We consider it the greatest compliment to be called on over and over again for our services.